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B0UNC3 -Alive B0UNC3 -Alive

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and btw he says
this is LX system and B0UNC3 , and we give you alive!you need to go through the whole track right now to remain on the next level,SO... LETS START!

thats for Dustfinger864 they asked :)

great work keep it up!

he was aiming for it to sound similar to blade btw greekanilater

B0UNC3 -Can't live withou B0UNC3 -Can't live withou

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:) and :(

i love the song but sadly i have just left my gf :( about three weeks ago.on a lighter note i am on the way to another and we seem to get along just fine.
sorry to hear that your gf had an accident man i know this is a little late but tell her to get well :)

anyway keep up the good work man
love it!

i would ring my gf and tell her i love her but :(..lets not bring bad memories up.
i will tell my to e gf that i love her instead.


love the song kkep up the good work and hope you and your gf take care man!


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ParagonX9 - Chaoz Devotion ParagonX9 - Chaoz Devotion

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i love this track its got to be my favourite of all of your songs!!!!!!

A|_Ph@ A|_Ph@

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i like it i do like it but its too random and i think it needs something to put it all together to make it all relate to eachother if ya get what i mean .... i like it thouhg nice work keep it up.!!!!

S&K Act 2 Boss Remix S&K Act 2 Boss Remix

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nice 1

the drumming is kinda loud but i dont think thats a bad thing...erm its deffo. very sonic style ;) its got a more evil feel to it than the orignal i like it good job man nice work

Streets Of Rage 2 Ending Remix Streets Of Rage 2 Ending Remix

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this is actually..

preety dam good i like it mate keep it up .. i didnt think you were bothering with newgroundsanymore? but nethertheless keep it up and check out my stuff will ya please? reviews etc?!?
anyway good job i like it

Halloweenies Halloweenies

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shut your mouth!!

nice one mate love it
lol halloween trance ...ok w/e mate haha lol am joking mate nice job

{Diamond Dust} {Diamond Dust}

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nice one man

love it bin listening to your stuff for awhile and i actually have had this a long time but only listened to it properly today like u said i was raving by the end!!!
keep up the good work

cornandbeans responds:

ahahahaha. man I wish I could edit that out of the description. lol.

Dread Rock (ReMiX) Dread Rock (ReMiX)

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i have been looking for the original for a long time and cant find it this is the closist i got
thanks alot mate

«Summer Sanctuary» .:ENERGIE:. «Summer Sanctuary» .:ENERGIE:.

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what he said!

no no ill review properly
great song man loved it
i love all of your melody's i dont know how you think of um but whatever you do...